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Learn About Our Mobile Volumetric Mixers in Toronto.


Our mobile volumetric mixing trucks are world-class and are guaranteed to provide you with exactly how much concrete you need for your project in a timely and cost-effective manner. Using our volumetric mixers also cuts down on unnecessary waste. You pay for the exact amount you need and nothing more, and you receive the freshest product possible, we guarantee it.
Volumetric mixing has many benefits. Learn more about our mixing services by reading below.


There are three major benefits to volumetric cement mixing:


We will customize your order so you receive the exact product requested each and every time.


We will provide you with the exact amount of concrete you will need for your project to cut down on unnecessary waste.


Don’t spend unnecessary money on bulk amounts of concrete, when you can order the precise amount you need to cut down on costs!


Our volumetric concrete mixers work by proportioning the materials out over time by volume and relating that volume to the materials’ specific weight. The materials are then released into the mixer and water is introduced to create the fresh concrete for your project, producing the perfect amount for your project. Once the mixing has begun it is a very quick process, taking less than a minute to prepare.
Our team of experts is prepared to provide you with your custom order of concrete on time so you don’t need to worry about delays in your project. Contact us now.


Here are the most asked questions about our volumetric mixing services

The production rate can vary depending on the mix design, but if you are producing at the maximum possible speed, a volumetric mixer with a standard 20” wide conveyor belt can produce concrete at a rate of 40 meters cubed to 60 meters cubed per hour.


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To put it simply, a volumetric mixer works when the operator of the mixer submits the proper amount of cement required into the machine. The machine will then combine all the ingredients required to create cement together over time and then dispenses the concrete to its desired location within a minute of the mixing commencing. This is helpful for preventing waste, saving money, and getting fresh concrete each and every time.


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When we receive one of our volumetric concrete mixers, our team of experts begins the process of calibrating the machine so it has the proper information to correctly dispense the amounts of concrete required for each project. Every material has its own density or weight by volume, when a calibration is performed the weight per volume for all materials is inputted into the machine’s computer so the device can properly dispense the correct amounts of each material to produce top-quality concrete.


We ensure all of our volumetric concrete mixers are properly calibrated to deliver you the most accurate results possible. Contact us today!

Volumetric concrete is concrete that is made on-site to a specific amount through the use of a volumetric concrete mixer. It is also referred to as mobile concrete batching. Instead of mixing concrete ahead of time, somewhere else. You are able to mix and pour only the amount of concrete you need for the project at hand. As a result, there is less of a chance that you’ll be left with too much concrete upon completion of your project.